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How did you learn to read Japanese? I envy you since you can buy and read those japanese yaoi while I'm only limited to English licensed titles. Huhu. Any tips on how best to learn? Is enrolling in a Japanese class really necessary? I've tried to learn it by myself but I get disheartened whenever I

Aw your message got cut off. :(
Anyways. Hi! This is actually a tough question to ask since my answer will be quite a long one.
I think the best way to learn will greatly depend on you. Know your study habits. If you think formal schooling will be effective, then go for it. As for myself, I self-studied for a couple of years but recently I'm enrolled in a formal Japanese language school. I actually wrote in my blog some study tips but it was from 2 years ago so some of my opinions on certain study methods have changed already. Here's the link:
One thing you need the most is motivation to learn. Learning Japanese can be extremely easy depending on your motivation level. This is why you have to find out what your type of studying habit is. I am a bit indifferent about learning Japanese through anime/drama since most of the dialogues used in there contain slang words. I suggest knowing the formal form of the language first before moving on to simple or informal form. Japan is strict about proper usage of words to respective people so you have to keep in mind their language courtesy.
Also, learn Japanese not just for you to read Japanese manga and watch anime shows conveniently without a subtitle---learn it because you want to know more about Japan and it's culture. :)
I'll try to discuss this again on my blog soon. I'm nearly done with college so I hope I can finally post up stuff again.
Don't hesitate to comment on my blog for questions or e-mail me your concerns about learning Japanese. :) I love talking to people haha!

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