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Do you feel like you’ve been making the most out of your days or just waiting for the days to pass by lately? If you make the most out of your days, how do you do so?

Just waiting for the days to pass I can’t do that much cause of my foot

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Ask me if I want to date u on my page

Then admit who u are really I’m tired of these fake ass people pretending to be someone

You’re so scared of losing me that it’s making you insane. I just wanted to show you I will always come back if you just give me what I want. I would’ve never left if you would’ve just trusted me

What is it that u want and yea I did trust u but u gave up but what u want

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Any advice to victims who have been in a mental abusive relationship?

Yo u are crazy if u think that n go to therapy I’ve been in it since u mentally messed me up I’ve been in it so if u wanna think that go get help n don’t leave out what u did

Any advice to women who have dealt with narcissistic ass men?

Are u joking rn u are, gaslight me I was loyal, please tell ur side of the story please tell I’m not the one who used me, lied, Gaslighting me the whole time u had a bf n saying we’re exclusive like please tell ur side of the story

When I prayed for you, I never prayed for you to always be there and support me financially. All I prayed for was someone exactly like me. And for someone to be loyal to me. It’s up to you if you can really be there for me. If you can’t, I understand. I’ve only been running away because I know you

I was loyal n u weren’t so what u saying n we were the same but u won’t even call me u know who it is so calll

Realistically if the base of your ideals is flawed then in origin your ideals are flawed. Will you do the right thing and change them or stick to them out ego and pride?

TrishaMalqui’s Profile PhotoTrishaMalaqui
My ideals are not flawed I always said respect, communication and loyalty all my ideals are


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