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What do you think about people that criticize other because some people are not like them?

Very low and childish. It speaks more about your self esteem rather than the person you're criticizing. Just because someone isn't as obnoxious as you doesn't mean you have to be an a**hole. The kindest people always get talked about from those that are insecure and went the wrong path.

what do you look for in a partner? would you date a fan?

A kind personality is the most important for me because a kind heart can make someone beautiful but being beautiful on the outside with an ugly heart quickly makes you unattractive. And yes, of course I'd date a fan even though I don't like the word "fan". They are the most loving, loyal and supportive people in my life. I would prefer to be with someone normal rather than someone that's also famous. Too many fake people in that industry. I want someone who loves me for me not because of the idol persona. Many famous people only like us and are friends with us because of that so I want to be with someone that will keep me humbled and truly loves me.

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