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Dear bestfriends ...

yall are the reason why im soo fuking depressed yall ruined my Life i hate yall with a passion ....
jp .
Dear Besties,
yall tha people that make me laugh 24/7 i dont think i would be myself if yall werent around but yall can be some bullies but yall weird i love each of yall bcc ya unique i have tbh bcc i really missed yall this summer but we kiked eachother or snapchatted except for *cough cough* Gisele Fuck you btw never invited me to ur damn house but anyways yall my ride or dies (jk , shoo' yall really thought i would risk my life for yall must be out ur damn mind if u did think that) but i hope this school year i have yall in my classes and that we never loose our trust amd irdk wat to say sooo.........BYE
Sincerly Karla (a.k.a Drakes wife)

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