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What was Warped about?

Like so many "first webcomics" it was about super-idealized versions of me and my friends in incredibly random adventures that made no real logical sense and was comprised of mostly in-jokes. They originated as very quickly drawn comics on graph paper and lined paper. Later, when I discovered Return to Sender I decided to install a copy of Photoshop an instructor gave me and put a little more work into the comics.
They started to look better but were still just a lot of injokes and so-random humor. I was immensely dissatisfied, even trying to salvage decent stories out of the concept much to the chagrin to my friends, and so I eventually abandoned Warped. I dicked around for a year or so hunting for a new concept and eventually decided to revisit my character Dash, but in a sci-fi setting. I used to have him in a more nautical/skypirate setting.

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What was your main inspiration for getting into making comics? What made you want to tell the stories you tell?

I'd prefer animation, but can't really animate at the volume/scale that meets my vision. I can write prose, but it's hard to get people into straight-up prose. So I guess I kind of decided to split the difference? I have a lot of stories I've just not been able to tell, but I've found Cosmic Dash has been a great catch-all for ideas that could have been their own projects.
As far as inspiration for comics go, I read a lot of Usagi Yojimbo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which are pretty "out there" in comparison to most of the market and they influenced me quite a bit. The first webcomic I read that got me into doing webcomics myself was Return to Sender

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Describe for my your ultimate tree house and what would it look like, where would you build it?

My ultimate treehouse would evoke the Kremwood Forest sections of Donkey Kong Country 3 with actual rooms carved into giant sequoia-esque trees. (Similar to this:
I know that'd be terrible for the tree, so that idea is a bit of a non-starter. Ultimately I'd love to have the cash and get these guys involved:

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What do you think about Tony Stark being in Captain America 3 and the rumors of a Civil War film arc?

I am intrigued, but that seems a lot to reveal/leak before Age of Ultron is even out. It also corresponds with that fake leak on 4chan showing a "Civil War" for Avengers 3. Also, the lack of Spider-Man is a bit worrisome. I know that Marvel's films are not 1:1 adaptations of comic stories, but Spider-Man was a major part of why Civil War even worked.
Can you do Civil War without Spider-Man? Totally. I think we need a strong central character to be pulled between the two opposing sides, but Marvel is not shy about using the basic, distilled ideas. Hence Age of Ultron using that basic idea of "Ultron fucks shit up" and Civil War likely being "Avengers kick the crap out of each other." Most likely AoU is going to end with a lot of civilians dying, Tony feeling guilty, and submitting to the government's new superhero registration act. Meanwhile, Cap, still very much sore about the whole Shield/Hydra thing is not so keen on registration or any governmental oversight.

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