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How to deal with a roommate that doesn’t give you any space/always in the living room. I feel like I have to hide out in my room just to have some privacy


Y’all be tripping over ppl who dont even notice when you not yourself🤧.....MY granny once told me “only ppl who really care about you, can hear you when you’re quiet” 😮‍💨.....🦍 only the real ones gone understand this tho‼️


I’m a single mom and feel like my dating life is over because of that. Would you date someone with children?


What would you do,how would you react if you were with somebody 23 years and then one day all of a sudden you discover That they have been cheating on you the whole 23 years? And every time you got suspicious or ask questions they would do something abusive to get you to drop the topic

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Leave them

Forcing your partner to block someone won't change how they feel about them.😔💔

💯 make them want them more


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