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do you work for peppy now? because 3 or 4 months ago you and peppy were testing osu!lazer spectating feature

Yeah, I am working on infrastructure stuff :)

did you switch to mouse?

it depends on what i'm looking for; if i want to play casually i play mouse, if i actually mean to play the game seriously then i usually grab a tablet :p

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I’ve been wanting to improve on NoMod for Osu(rank 37k) but I’ve run into a problem where I over read jumps that go on for more than 6 notes. What reading methods do you use, or do you just aim to the circles when they appear?

not sure there are other methods than aiming circles as they appear :p
one advice I can give though is make sure osu! is in a comfortable field of view :)

I got osu! working on my Manjaro machine thanks to your guide, but I still have a critical problem: osu! is not detecting my 144hz monitor, only as 60hz. I have a second monitor that's on 60hz but I disable it for osu! on Linux due to raw input problems. Have you had this issue?

raw input is fine to leave disabled, i don't need to disable a monitor even with raw input on though. it is fine if osu! reports the monitor as 60Hz, it still outputs as much frames as you set the frame limiter to.
however, your compositor might be rendering at 60fps instead.
in that case you might wanna fix that or disable it altogether to reduce latency. i assume you're on KDE since you're using Manjaro, you can quickly do that with shift+alt+f12, and set up window rules to have it done automatically. it might freeze the shell with NVIDIA drivers though, in that case you can just kill and restart plasmashell

How osu!lazer performs on linux comparing to your low-latency osu! installation on linux? Any patch needed?

Audio latency-wise, it can probably do the same if not better on Linux. There are patches floating around in Github issues.
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Why are you playing with mouse?

n_zampa’s Profile PhotoNazareno Zampa
got sick of being over-competitive and the social pressure around it, i'm more chill when i play mouse :) it's a very fun way for me to enjoy osu while being a little less addicted to it
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Do you consider XP Pen G640 the best osu! tablet? How do you compare it to CTH 480? How do you protect the tablet from the surface wearing?

Miguel R Carrilho Borges
I don't know if it's the absolute best (having never seriously tried any Wacom tablet) but it's definitely the best value.
I hover so I don't protect it but otherwise you can get a tablet cover.
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Have you ever felt losing your motivation and it causing you to play the game less? If yes, how did you overcome it?

never play if you're not motivated to do so, it will only hurt, especially when you're competitive (and this is one of the reasons I quit this game).
i personally used to take a few weeks breaks off playing the game to overcome this. often during my breaks i would still play with mouse instead of tablet (and still do actually).

What DE do you use?

Desktop: XFCE
Laptop: Primarily KDE, occasionally GNOME Shell when I feel like I need some refresh, or XFCE when I game/seek better performance

Do you use any anti virus for linux?

even on Windows I would advice not using them unless you're not well aware of the risks of the internet

Nice to know other people have the same viewpoint. What was the thing that got you started using Linux add your desktop OS? For me it was my late grandad's daily Windows rant (lol) and the release of 8 / 10. Long winded question sorry ;-;

Ethan Stubbs
Windows has always been a mess for managing servers/services so I started with Linux VMs. And with Windows 8/10 getting more and more frustrating, I eventually switched to Linux as my main OS too. Not to mention it's way easier to administrate Linux servers from Linux than from Windows, at least back then.
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+1 answer in: “Hey, just dropping by to ask your opinion on Linux (me being a user for 6 - 7 years now) in comparison to other options and overall what's the main thing you like?”

Hey, just dropping by to ask your opinion on Linux (me being a user for 6 - 7 years now) in comparison to other options and overall what's the main thing you like?

Ethan Stubbs
It's free, super easy to install whatever you want, and you can setup a dev & building environment in literally minutes (if not less). also you can dig in anything inside your system and have a look & patch the code as needed. i feel like in control of what's running on my system, possibilities seem endless, and i absolutely love it.
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hi poon. I would like to ask you about the switches, because at the moment I have blue gateron switches, but it is not convenient for me to play with them just like in red switches. I have not tried brown switches yet. And so, how are they in Osu!?

Парасат Жалгабаев
Well... it depends. XD
Personally I need light switches so I went with reds, but some people need heavier ones for better finger control/accuracy.
For judging switches, *as far as I know* it's pretty straight forward. The actuation point makes it easier or harder to press, and the harder it is, the better your finger control should be, but your stamina will be worse. You have to find what works best for you I guess!


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