If u accepted me on discord, can I text to you or you don't want to talk with random people?

I'd rather have you talk on my Discord server instead: https://discord.gg/ThePooN
I'm watching the server most of the time and conversations do happen there. And if you have a question regarding me or not, I'll answer it if I'm there, otherwise others will likely be able to answer you. If nobody is able to, I still read nearly all messages so you should get your answer at some point.
If everybody who wanted my input or just chat did it through my DMs, I would end up with a lot of conversations at a time, and since I consider them important, I would waste a lot of time dealing with them instantly when I'm busy.
In short: please avoid DMing me if you don't need it. Not that I dislike dealing with people — it just got impractical over the years...

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