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hi poon, i know it sounds so random but i hope you'll have a nice day o/ just a random person passing by to send u something i guess. whatever difficulties you're experiencing right now, i hope it'll end soon :) wishing you all the best for this year and for the upcoming years :) have a nice day o/

thanks, you too :)

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Using Linux really make a difference? I want to change my OS because I have a lot of problems with Windows but idk if Linux great choice. There are problems with Windows programs? (Sorry for bad English i hope you understand)

Edwin Paredes
Yeah, some programs that are not natively ported can run with Wine. Honestly if you don't need Adobe programs/AAA games, you won't miss much.
For what it changes, it's mostly about the freedom and open-source. For osu!, there's latency too if your hardware can handle that, see :)

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Nice to know other people have the same viewpoint. What was the thing that got you started using Linux add your desktop OS? For me it was my late grandad's daily Windows rant (lol) and the release of 8 / 10. Long winded question sorry ;-;

Ethan Stubbs
Windows has always been a mess for managing servers/services so I started with Linux VMs. And with Windows 8/10 getting more and more frustrating, I eventually switched to Linux as my main OS too. Not to mention it's way easier to administrate Linux servers from Linux than from Windows, at least back then.

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+1 answer in: “Hey, just dropping by to ask your opinion on Linux (me being a user for 6 - 7 years now) in comparison to other options and overall what's the main thing you like?”

Hey, just dropping by to ask your opinion on Linux (me being a user for 6 - 7 years now) in comparison to other options and overall what's the main thing you like?

Ethan Stubbs
It's free, super easy to install whatever you want, and you can setup a dev & building environment in literally minutes (if not less). also you can dig in anything inside your system and have a look & patch the code as needed. i feel like in control of what's running on my system, possibilities seem endless, and i absolutely love it.

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hi poon. I would like to ask you about the switches, because at the moment I have blue gateron switches, but it is not convenient for me to play with them just like in red switches. I have not tried brown switches yet. And so, how are they in Osu!?

Парасат Жалгабаев
Well... it depends. XD
Personally I need light switches so I went with reds, but some people need heavier ones for better finger control/accuracy.
For judging switches, *as far as I know* it's pretty straight forward. The actuation point makes it easier or harder to press, and the harder it is, the better your finger control should be, but your stamina will be worse. You have to find what works best for you I guess!

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If u accepted me on discord, can I text to you or you don't want to talk with random people?

I'd rather have you talk on my Discord server instead:
I'm watching the server most of the time and conversations do happen there. And if you have a question regarding me or not, I'll answer it if I'm there, otherwise others will likely be able to answer you. If nobody is able to, I still read nearly all messages so you should get your answer at some point.
If everybody who wanted my input or just chat did it through my DMs, I would end up with a lot of conversations at a time, and since I consider them important, I would waste a lot of time dealing with them instantly when I'm busy.
In short: please avoid DMing me if you don't need it. Not that I dislike dealing with people — it just got impractical over the years...

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