Ask @hugodenizart1:

I feel like improving a lot, both aim and finger control, but I feel like having an issue, since my tablet area is a bit bigger than most players (I feel like moving my hands a lot more than other ppl), I tend to get rly exhausted when I go for long sessions. Should I reduce it or work differently ?

Either it's too big, or you/your arms are positioned in a way that is too strainful. Up to you to figure it out.

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My tablet is very close to the edge and sometimes because of my arms position my hand tends tingling which is very annoying and tends to ruin my play, if you were in my position would you move the tablet more far away from the table and re-learn to aim or you wouldnt care about it ? doesnt look wort

If you wanna improve and feel like this ruins your progression, you should probably give it a try. Not much to lose.

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