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When someone says “I want to find myself “, wtf does it actually mean? 😳🙄🤔

nothing. you can go your whole life trying and never achieve it.

Folks just FYI, you can’t tax the rich because they don’t work. Us regular folks work for money & that earned income is taxed. Crystal clear now?

Not really.
Saying the rich "don't work" is complete bullshit. Yeah, there are some who don't, but they're also making money in other ways that should be taxable.

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Are you related to anyone famous?

ummm my dad's cousin had a baby with the Queen's sister's ex-husband while they were still married

Seem like society went back to 7th grade where everybody hates each other’s guts especially when you have conflicting ideas not only in politics but almost every aspect of this fvcking world 🌎. Thoughts 💭?

this is literally nothing new

Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers.

if that's true, then he can start with all the wealthy corrupt heads in the pharmaceutical industry

Forced child support is human trafficking. Tell your lawyer. She will press charges against the mother.

shut the fuck up. if you wanted to sign away your parental rights, there are opportunities to do so.

How much do you pay for rent or mortgage in your city?

our mortgage will be about 1200. Our first payment is November. Rent at the 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment we just left was 1040 (plus an additional $100 for renting month to month)

Have you ever been bullied back in middle school and HS? Did you fight back or not? If not, wtf is wrong w you sissy ?

I was bullied. And I didn't fight back because it seemed pointless to try to change the mind of the people who had turned on me. I tried my best to ignore them.

What was it like the first time you experienced making out when you were younger?

I thought it was kind of gross hahaha

Have you ever done well under pressure or you usually succumb to pressure?

i do well under pressure at a performance level, but it is not good for mental health


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