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Caraaaa you're in Korea!!! I'm so happy for you 😉 not everybody have the chance to see exo in person!

No i'm not in Korea...

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Did you go to exo fansign? Could you see all the members?

Yea I did and I only saw sehun, Chanyeol, Suho and Kai. I didn't get signatures from them though, only sehun

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This is an unusual question...but what do you usually when you go clubbing? I don't know what to wear 😌 its my first time

Omg i'm sorry I forgot to answer this!!!!! I normally wear a dress or a skirt. I don't wear tight bodycon dresses so I normally wear like skater skirts or something.

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Why do you think Baek was so nervous and awkaward when he was asked about girls/gf? Is he dating? :(

No. This is why he says that it's a sensitive topic. Because people would just automatically think that he's dating. He says it's sensitive and he gets defensive because of this. He doesn't want people to think awry. NOT because he's dating.

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cara! i really enjoy reading ur fics will u be writing more baekhyun fics?

Thank you! I'm not too sure but I definitely want to. I just don't know if I will have the time to.

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Hello 😄 i know you'll get tired of hearing this but I REALLY LOVE YOUR FICS 😍😍 will you write a kai and sehun oc fic in the future? im reading all of your works rn 😄

I will never get tired of hearing that, it's a compliment and it's also motivation & inspiration for me to keep writing. Thank you for the love and support!

And did you mean like sekaixOC or sehunxOC + KaixOC?

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Can I know why Baekhyun? I thought it was Sehun O.O

Definitely changes between Sehun and Baekhyun very often but if you follow me long enough I think you'll see that I will always return to Baekhyun at the end of the day. I don't know, something about him just makes me feel weak and strong at the same time. It's just something about Baekhyun.

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Do u have the feeling there will be fanfics about what Baek said about Sehun? 😁


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Will you buy the war albums?

Told myself no but ended up getting them anyway. Lol

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Can I know who is your ub right now?


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So Baekhyun wanted to say that Sehun has the biggest dick in EXO? *gulp* 😛

Yea haha

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What do u think of The Eve choreography? 😐

It's a little milder than I thought, but i think it suits the tune of the song anyway!

View more Is Baek really talking about dicks? O_O

Yes haha boys will always be boys 💁🏻

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Hi Cara!! May I know how were you able to send the OHBEY Hoodie you made for Sehun to him? Was it to their dorm or...

Through a fansite.

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Cara, what's the latest romance book you read?

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

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Did you take english lesson/tuition when you were younger? Do you still remember where?

no, I don't... bc most of my tutors were home tutors

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Cara what ia your favorite songs of the war album?

Too many!! Apart from Exact, this is the only other album that I really enjoy all their songs! I really like KoKoBop though! That has to be my favourite

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Does your weight make you feel less confident? Or it doesnt bother you at all? because to me you seemed like a confident and self-possessed kind of woman! Which is cool!!

It definitely makes me feel insecure, especially every time I return to Singapore and see so many other girls who are so much skinnier than I am, and my secondary school friends who knew me before when I was slimmer.

I really don't know why I come off as someone like that bc I don't think I am, but I'm flattered that you think that way of me! Haha

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Can you send links to the shop pls ;-; ohh you post them on tw???

I got them on qoo10, you can search for them there.

- Missha timeless essence
- acai berry ampoule

And yea I do

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About your skin care routine, do you buy your products online or in an actual shop? And if it's online, can you link us ;-; alsoooo haha do you post pictures lf you coz i wanna see how you look~

i got them online and at my facial place... I post pix but when I have makeup on bc i look ugly without makeup lol

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Hi Cara, Do you exercise or diet? :)

I try to! I really need to lose weight lol

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This is totally out of topic but do you know where to buy swiss miss in SG? And how much it cost? I asked my friend to buy me that but idk the price

Hmm i don't know about Swiss miss, but you can try Candy Empire or Choc Spot? They have most imported snacks/goods

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Do you have a skin care routine? What product do you use?

Hmm I do. It's really inconsistent but I try to mask every other day.

Days in between, I put:
1) essence (from missha)
2) ampoule (not sure which brand but it's acai berry)
3) anti-scarring ampoule for my acne scars (from Adonis and sometimes I miss out this step anyway bc I forget)
4) moisturiser (from Adonis)

Days when I'm lazy I just don't do anything to my face (this always happen after a drinking or clubbing session lol).

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any updates on that guy you tweeted about?

Not currently. I'm not in Australia at the moment. And I have decided to just let nature run its course and totally be nonchalant about it since he's a passive type of guy too.

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