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ditunggu kak blog nya :))

yes yes!! please look forward to it. i've made my blog but i haven't post anything, just wait for me i might start posting soon!❤️

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Kaaa pernah ke daerah ilsan gaa?misal kan aku cari penginapan disitu kira2 bakal jauh bgt ga ya kalo mau ke tmpt2 rekreasi atau ke seoul?terima kasihh banyak ka!!!suksess trs:)

Ratu messiah

hmmm...ilsan ya, i honestly don't know where it is since i don't really have time to travel in korea. but i don't think it's close to seoul? i'm not sure :(

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hello kak! i looked you on your pap and you was so pretty 😁 by the way do you know indonesian people who live in korea that have ask fm other than you? nice to know you kak

thank you dear❤️
and about that....i don't know other indonesian who lives in korea and have an askfm since i live in daegu not seoul, i think most of indonesian live either in busan or seoul!

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I just wanted to thank you for all the subs on your Channel c:

you are very welcome! i want to apologize for being so busy so i can't sub properly in the time being. but i'm still subbing with the mongs! so please look forward to our subs❤️

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Yes ! But i am thinking if i should apply now or wait until the spring intake :P Thank you so much for your help :)

just wait for the spring one ((i'm suggesting this real hard))

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May i ask you more information through dm or email? (which you prefer) :)

you can ask through both. i'll open my dm :)

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Thank you for replying me in such light speed :P You're so kind ! May i know what's ur major? (it's okay if you don't want to tell)

i'm taking double major! it's visual communication design and korean education. are you planning to study in korea?

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Hi, may i know is it stressful to study in Korea? Would you suggest spring intake or fall? Can you tell me more about studying in korea? Really thank you for your help ~ <3

it is always stressful when you are apart from your loved ones. but it's a great opportunity to be studying in korea and i can't even ask for more. i suggest to take the spring admission!!!!! well fall is also fine since i'm taking fall, but i just thought it's better to take it on spring!

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Pap selfie lg dongg pretyyyy

selfie with the snow!!

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ka danikaaa bikin blog dong tentang sekolah di korea, kehidupannya gimana hihi^^

i will! please wait for it :)

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ka username waktu beli boneka EXO apa namanya?

wah i forgot, sorry : (

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다니카 안녕 ^_^

Duwi A. Ningsih

안녕안녕! ^~^

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Oh.... Kuliahnya dimana kak??



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kak! udah kepikiran belomm ntar pas udah kuliah mau tinggal nya dimana? korea or indonesia? and would you rather marry a korean man or an indonesian man? hehe

nope. i have no idea about that lol

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Do you still sub exo videos?

ofcourse i do. i sub with the mongs now

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hi danika ? danika lagi sibuk ya?

yes : (

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so ure half korean or...?

nope, i just happen to study in korea.

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Why choose to study in korean?

i don't even know why

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Kak dan kalo di daegu tempat yang bagus buat jalan jalan ada ga?

di Daegu banyak tempat yang bagus buat jalan, ada downton(Daegu Sinae), ada juga kayak taman2 aja gitu, tapi daegu itu panas jadi kalau lagi summer harus siap mental.
anyways, aku abis ke busan dan pantai disitu bagus dan bersih banget. walaupun bikin aku gosong tapi seneng banget deh jalan2 ke busan

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u wan sum bb krim?

i gat da storngest kind


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graet cuverag perfek fore blamishs


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kak kalo gapake kacamata mirip seulgi ㅋㅋㅋ

really? thankyou ❤️

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