Ask @hunterdoubleu:

Opinion on love?

If you are in love you better love that certain person with all you are. You start to get a crush on someone or remember some other times with you had with someone before, don't be an idiot and throw everything away with that someone you love. Temporary feelings will leave and the memories will become distant. You make time for the person you love. You laugh with that person you love. You get jealous over someone, talk to them about it and don't worry about it anymore. They love you also so you have a reason to trust them. If y'all are arguing too much, DO NOT take a "break" that'll only worry both of y'all even more. Talk about it and get things straight. If it's your fault and you know it's your fault that y'all are fighting, control yourself to not blow up and sit down and talk about it. Yelling and crying doesn't help relationships. Most importantly, you don't just give up on someone you love. You fight to make things right between y'all or nothing will be right. Love can be the most amazing thing ever, or it can make you wish that you wouldn't even have met that person. That's up to y'all though. Don't be an idiot and mess things up with someone you love. 1 mistake can turn "I love you" to "I hate you" and that's the last you hear from them. Don't be dumb.

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