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I wanted to share all the things and places I like. But U were always just looking for something else while pretending to be happy and obsessively in love with me. Just don’t fake being in love and happy with someone if it’s fraudulent acting

fuck 📴

Hello Ive recently got out of a relationship and dont know if what I experienced was sexual abuse He would get mad at me for not wanting to have sex there was a time I begged him not to be mean to me and his answer was Go home then. Sometimes I would have sex just to avoid an argument…


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Husband said, "If you were satisfying me, I wouldn't have cheated on you." Cheated for the second time. What do I do?


My bf cheated and I stayed with him. 2 years later. He’s loyal now, I trust him but ever since that happen my feelings haven’t been the same. Should we continue and make it work or no


So It was you after all I mean why though? you seem really happy, I'm not mad at you but why? I get that you wanted to help but what I don't get is why was it so hard for you to come out all the way? I wouldn't think of you no differently or think your crazy. You know who you are so let's talk.


U can google my name and find my number. Use a burner to text me, idc. I’m never going to text u anything long or text u twice, because I don’t want u suing me. I feel like if we talked, I could clear up things I said & haven’t said & u can do the same. It’s healthier to talk than whatever this is

no fkn shit

Having a crisis while eating a cold blueberry muffin and chips because thats what I want🤷‍♂️a friend told me to imagine it being a naruto bowl so I could enjoy eating... Then another random anon person txt me that "we all have pain" I wonder if they also internally bleed when they eat🤔


You’re right. I don’t have the nerve to reach out to you. I don’t know if it’s bc I don’t trust you, or if it’s bc I’m afraid of what you’ll say. Why won’t you reach out first? Why are we still doing this?!

u suck

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