Ask @hussaina_h:

My crush won't notice me! I even try to stick my ass out to see if he would but he never does :(

first of all, stop sticking your ass out because he doesn't want to just that, a guy wants way more than that!
second of all, I'm very sorry
third of all, he probably doesn't notice you because you're trying too hard.
if you want advice, dm me but one is to talk to him and stop "trying" to show off.

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Stop asking yourself questions.

people who thought i asked those questions need to stop assuming because I know why anon is asking me questions about Sydney and it's because Sydney talked shit about me just because I'm friends with ford and she thinks I'm "flirting" and anon is probably just mad that Sydney is making it such a big deal. If you think I like ford, you need to stop assuming and I'm blocking anyone who tells me shit that isn't true. You can leave me alone and get your own life. bye.

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