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وجهـة نظر ؛

magik9016’s Profile Photoهَارِبه
Don't kiss me during the fireworks. Kiss me after and give everyone else something to look at once chaos has passed. Don't kiss me when you don't know what else to say, kiss me when that's all that needs to be said. Don't kiss
me at all the right times, kiss me mid sentence because my lips were moving, and you were jealous
of the air because they weren't moving on yours.
Don't read up on old fairy tales I don't want a fairy tale. I want real and in the moment. So kiss me when you're up in flames and about to burst. Kiss me when
the tears are doing all the work. Kiss me hard and
.kiss me good🔥
وجهـة نظر
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doniadrwsh’s Profile Photoدنيا
A copy of an immigrant visa to Palestine obtained by the Jewish Professor, son of a bitch. Calman Burke on 8/8/1935.
Palestine welcomed immigrants from all faiths and from around the globe pre 1948 especially to Jews fleeing Europe due to persecution and immigrants were provided Palestinian citizenship, as a tolerant and safe haven to refugees.
You cannot erase history 🇵🇸👌🏻❤️
A copy of an immigrant visa to Palestine obtained by the Jewish Professor son

What's your favourite quote?

You think you know me, but you don't. How do you supposedly know me when I don't even fully know myself? I know my capabilities and I know my worth but sometimes I surprise myself. I have done things that I am not proud of. And although I cannot right my wrongs, I can improve my future. I have achieved many things I never thought were possible I am still learning to love myself. I am still learning new things about myself. And for as long as I have breath, my story and remains under construction I am a good man, not an angel... of course, I sin too. But yet, still with all of the setbacks, the comebacks, the rejections, and the achievements, I am proud of the man I am becoming.
Whats your favourite quote

أحكـِ 💙

You know why I'm always fucking happy? I don't fucking expect anything from people. most of you are unhappy, cause you got expectations of somebody your mother, your friend, what you did at work, your boss your homie. when I lend somebody $20 . I make pretend that shits gone. I'm giving away $20. I give and have zero expectations the chips will fall where they are. if it goes great mazel tov if not I wasn't providing enough value. that's on me 🧠🐒

إِحْــكـِ مـاْ فـيْ قَلــبكـ.. ~

om_alsos1998’s Profile Photoأسيل
Just because you left and said goodbye Do you think that I will sit and cry Even if my heart should tell me so Darling I would rather let you go Just because you think that you're so smart Going around and breaking lovers hearts Before I let this thing happen to me Darling I would rather swim the sea I know you think you're smart Just going around breaking lovers hearts Just because I want someone who's kind With a heart as good and pure as mine But maybe I am asking far too much Darling please don't ever break my heart 👥🖤
(Lloyd Price)
إحــكـ مـا فـي قلــبكـ

لفخامة حروفك🌸🤍

om_alsos1998’s Profile Photoأسيل
اللهم ! إني عبدُك, وابنُ عبدِك, وابنُ أَمَتِكَ ؛ وفي قبضتِك, ناصيتي بيدِك, ماضٍ فِيَّ حُكْمُك, عَدْلٌ فِيَّ قضاؤُك, أسألُك بكلِّ اسمٍ هو لك, سَمَّيْتَ به نفسَك, أو أَنْزَلْتَه في كتابِك, أو عَلَّمْتَه أحدًا من خَلْقِكَ, أو أَلْهَمْتَ عبادَك, أو استَأْثَرْتَ به في مكنونِ الغيبِ عندَك : أن تجعلَ القرآنَ ربيعَ قلبي, وجلاءَ هَمِّي وغَمِّي ؛


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