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You're spending time with your SO, who's going through a very rough patch in life. You gtg for a major exam but he/she, unaware of it, asks you to stay. She's in a very bad state and really needs you by her side, but that will mean repeating that subject and delaying your graduation. What'll you do?

ChoMi's NaCho
comfort SO and take exam on makeup date (cos there were always a few of those in the classes I took).

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How has "what SNSD means to you" changed over the years?

ChoMi's NaCho
from 2010 to early 2014, I'd probably say that SoShi was, to me, the most important, influential, and motivating part of my life. from mid/late 2014 and onwards, SoShi has been a distant friend that has drastically changed from when we first met. I'm not gonna lie and pretend like 9/30 wasn't hard on me cos even though I've disliked Jessica for some time now (there, I said it.. those of y'all who were trying to get me to say it before happy now?), I adored them as 9. although the feeling is no longer the same, I'll continue supporting OT8. I guess I've also grown up and have placed my affections elsewhere, so I don't have as much to give to SoShi as I used to.

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what are your type 5 must have traits for your (future) relationship partner? if u don't have em, what are the 5 traits that they should not be?

5 traits partner should have
1) intelligence (pure intelligence in any area.. musical, interpersonal.. doesn't matter. intelligence of any kind is interesting and sexy in its own way.
2) caring/kindness. anyone can be nice, but only certain people can genuinely be kind.
3) must be an understanding and accepting person (so.. open-minded?). I'm way too off-kilter to be with someone who is rigid and conservative. I need in my life the type of person who won't get mad when I randomly show up with five puppies and tell her that "it just happened."
4) humourous. this one is entirely subjective cos what's funny to me may not be funny to other people, but if she can make me laugh, then she's winning my heart.
5) hard-working/dedicated. I'm the type to dedicate myself to others when I care deeply for them. I think that when you can show that type of dedication, it's telling that you're a hard-working person (well, at least when something matters to you).
5 traits partner should not have
1) selfish. people who take, take, take and never give are the worst.
2) immoral. again, another subjective one, but if my partner's morals don't align with mine, then it's not happening. I hold tightly onto my morals, so there's very little that can get me to ignore them.
3) unromantic/not affectionate. I love snuggling, kissing, hugs, etc. with my partner. someone who can't be bothered to be affectionate and loving is just.. no.
4) an attention whore. I'm not gonna lie, but I love having the spotlight on me. having a partner who feels the same can only result in a war breaking out and breaking up.
5) animal disliker/hater. I want dogs in my life. I've had pets in my life for almost 20 years now. I can't imagine life without them.
that.. was surprisingly a lot more difficult to do than I imagined..

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pick a full team of pokemon, or less if that's your preference, to survive the zombie apocalypse. Legendaries are off the table. Choose from any generation. Who would you pick, why and how'd you survive?

I'm only really familiar with gen 1 and slightly familiar with gen 2. I suppose I'd pick Golbat cos it can possibly forage for foods, Charizard for transportation and food cooking, Chansey (trained at a Poke Center) for nursing purposes (idk), Teddiursa cos cute and I can't live without cuteness, Snorlax cos it could just sit on zombies, and I guess any water Pokemon to fill in the last spot cos water is a necessity of life. we'd simply live to survive and fight only when we really have to.

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