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What are your 5 favorite fanfics? (please include title writer and pairings of each.

WOW UHM THIS IS HARD. but ill list off things from the top of my head.
1. anterograde tomorrow by changdictator (kaisoo)
2. do you remember the end? by illegiblesigns (krisbaek)
3. try to remember (and if you remember then follow) by sparklepox (xiuhan)
4. gicleur by lababoreine (kaisoo) ORRRRR arbitrage by fumerie (kaisoo)
5. literally everything illegiblesigns and 181cms write (they are that awesome)

How frequently do you talk to distant friends?

whenever we see each other, i guess or when we stumble upon each other on sns

If you could choose a different time period and place to be born, when and where would it be?

the elizabethan age, in england.

Annyeong!! Can you please tweet "My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupMale is EXO 엑소 http://t.co/4G16shRxTN " as many times as you can? If you don't have time to tweet in many times, please atleast tweet it once, but ask your followers to rt :))) Spread The Word Loveee 💕💕💕


you are baekmebacon, i have read your fic from BaekYeol fic exchange. It was so nice. Dont Go Bacon

hahahaha~ thank you uwu

Im pretty sure Ive read almost all fics from the exchange. What is your lj un?

how'd you even find me anon?

Did you join the recent BaekYeol fanfic exchange?

yep! :3 i'm sure you havent read my fic tho hahahahha

hello, i'm your follower. how old are you?

hello, anonie! i'm a crazy 50 yr old lady trapped in a child's body.... OTL


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