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si te diesen un libro en el que estubiese tu vida escrita, mirarias el final? para ver como moriras o lo que te pasara?... pasate por mi ask, deja mg o pregunta :)

sonrie porque puedes
no soy partidaria de mirar el final, creo que en la vida lo más importante no es el final, sino toda la vida en sí, el día a día, todo lo que pasa, cada historia, cada amor, cada amigo, los caminos que eliges, los pequeños detalles, las grandes cosas, las desiciones que tienes que tomar y en la persona que te vas convertiendo.
(alerta spoiler: al final del libro me muero)

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Pon un texto adgsfaiusdkj

If you really love her, you’ll be patient with her.
She’s not always that sweet, cute and loving girl that loves to tease you, play with you, kiss you and do those cute stuff with you. She’s not always that nice girl who gives you that warm smile and loves to play with your hair and tickle your stomach. Because sometimes or should I say most of the times, she can be that annoying girl who will test your patience. She can be an irritating, thick-headed girl who loves to run in circles and give you mixed signals that’ll surely freak you out. She will get in your nerve and dealing with her is not that easy. Her unpredictability can be a big problem knowing that she’s not that easy to read and thinking of what you’ll do with her when she’s in that state is like a solving a puzzle, very hard. She wants you to chase after her, and if you don’t, she’ll get mad. She’ll push you one second, and then pull you the next. She can be a real problem in the ass.
But then again, if you really love her, you’ll be patient with her. In the beginning, you already know that she isn’t the easiest girl to put up with. You should already know that she’s unpredictable and that once in a while, this behavior of her will possess her, and that when this time comes, you should know what to do already. Because she’s your girl. She’s the extension of yourself so you should know her that well. If she’s mad, and she’s provoking you, then you should know how to calm yourself down because if you also let anger eats you, you’ll just fight and it won’t do you any good. If she’s sad, you should already know the right timing for everything. You know when is the right time to crack a joke, when is the right time to be serious, and when is the right time to just sit down with her and listen. She can be annoying and irritating, but at the end of the day, she can also be that sweet, loving and submissive girl. You just can’t love her sweet side, because if you really love her, you’ll also love her rough parts.

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