Ask @iElifKhan:

Is shape of you will be your last dance before Ramadan ??? Love you 💕💕💕

I dunno yet, I am planning to make one more :-D as I said it's not sure yet :-)

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I just binge watched allll of your choreographies on youtube and its just soooo perfect!!😭😭😭 You've got such rhythmic dancing moves and the way you dance is like my ultimate goal of 2k17. 😂😂😂 Best choreos and channel i came across so far 💃💃💃💃

Thank you very much ♥

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I just want to meet u at once in my life... 😍😍 your dance is soooo amazing.. i love the way you perform... seriously awesome 😘😘

Misha Siddique❤
Thank you ❤ I hope we'll find an opportunity to meet 😊

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You like March so much to that you did your channel in it right 😍😍😍😍😍😘

In march a lot of good things happened to me 🙈❤

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