Ask @iWavee:

you think im gonna take credit for being unoriginal? you know damn well i don't do that shit, and you even showed me how you use TBK's shading templates. hope you wont take credit for that!

actually i havent used them once since i shwoed them to you, and secondly, if you dont take credit, then why not give credit??? you got lucky thst i was once foolish enpugh to be your friend and give you free ads.

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Ok, so back when me and jose were friends, i made him 4 clothing ads, for free(dumb of me ik).
Well anyways i am seeing that he is using these ads now, and he shows no signs of giving me credit on them. And i just wanted to let everyone know, if you see these 4 ads, just know they were made by me. And if he tries to tell you differently, i have skype chat proof.

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