Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe you can't love anyone just at looking at that person. Yes, there will be times when you would get too much attracted towards that person but that will be for time being. Looks are important but there are many things above that between two people.
According to me, love is too pure and nature is something that could really help someone to fall in love. Personal Experiences suggest that looks attract you and you want to be with that person but if the nature isn't too better then that relationship would be a wasted one and it won't last long. On the other hand if there's a great understanding between two people then that love could cross the seven seas. It's not necessary that both of them have same likes and dislikes but how they manage with it is something to be noted down.
Sorry for writing too long for such a simple question but I guess it was needed.
Thank You.
Nishita rajdev@Rajdev_nishita
Bhumika Narang@bhumika28