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What are your views on love and hate ?

You know i can write an essay on it.
People pretend to hate even when they love.
Aaah what do i say about love, It's one of the purest feeling one can have. Love is not for a person or a thing but it's a state of euphoria.
Love is all about sacrifice. We often tend not to let that person go away whom we love but if we really love that person we must understand their situation and let them go away. Holding on to them will depreciate the feelings which is in a way not cool. Love everyone and hate nobody. There is nothing call hate, it's simply absence of love. We never hate anyone but we force our mind or when we cannot control our mind and overthink on the situations that's when we tend to hate people. Think about it, Is there a need to hate anybody? The answer is no. There are people for whom we feel hatred is the only option but we do when we don't know the situations. Both the things are a state of mind. Just think, whom will you love to meet? A person who constantly hates or the person who keeps on loving against all the odds and even after suffering everything. We cannot urge on to happiness but our mind can do that and it is only possible when a feeling of love exists. Many a times it may happen that a person leaves us and we think that hatred is the only option left but it's always reciprocal of it. Never think that anything lasts forever, no pain, no happiness, no sadness, no storm, no person. What will last forever is the way you behave with any person or thing once it leaves you. Never get obsessed to anything. Just be in the moment and stay happy for the time you can and don't force your decision on anyone. If something constantly urges you to think the other way round, think about the happy moments you shared with your obsessed ones. We should just quit the feeling of holding on. If something or someone leaves you after sometime, who cares just be happy for the while you are with it. Don't force hate to overcome love.
Love It, Live It...
Life it.
Stay Happy and never try to hate.

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but isn't it unfair when you do so much for someone in a relationship. Then they leave u hanging and you are just expected to get over it.

Relationships are just never maintained thinking about fair and unfair. It's necessary that both people should have equal inputs and efforts. But when we feel it's not fair then we should think about things from the perspective of other person. Gradually we will start understanding life and them as well.

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