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Justin Bieber
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You are back!!! Love u :*


I amm love you too :)

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I'm glad your online.... how was your concert the other day. I'm glad your doing well 😊

It was great ❤❤ thank u all

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Hellooo 😹♡♡

♕Antonia ♕


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Guys ask me questions! Im about to answer as much as I can.

like this for a question 👍🏻

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Justin answer my quetion and make my day! i love youu so much


I love you toooo ❤❤

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Don't ignore me 😭

Each week I get this amount of questions, I didn't mean to ignore u ❤

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Send a "❤" for the likers ?

Sure :)

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I'm so proud to call you my idol💍❤


I love you ❤

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why u always ignoring meee


I'm nottttt hellooooo

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happy birthday baby😊


Thank you 😄thank you all again Ilysm (sorry for replying late) ❤

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Happy birthday!!!♡

Sofia Wärn

Thank you all to your birthday wishes ❤Ilysm again thank youuuu 😘

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Hey guysss

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Cash me outside how bout that ? 😂

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I miss you in here justin 😪

I missed you guys too 😔 but I'm really busy 😔

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I'm back on instagram @justinbieber

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how are you? ilysm

Tanja Erler

I'm pretty good actually wbu ?

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I love you so much😍❤️😩


I love you too ❤️ keep asking me questions

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Hi baby, do you use the Instagram with name "juestinbieber?"


Guys that's not me omg report it.

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Whats up justin ?

Bek Ferizaj

the skyyyyy jk mm wbu guys ?

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Hey daddy😏

Happy new year ilysm ❤️

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You and kandell jenner had sex?

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