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Mehvish Afridi
Why in biology they teach us the names of different bones? Like why? Facial bones are 14 in number, among them 6 are in paired & 2 are unpaired. Those are in paired are Lacrimal, Zygomatic, Nasal, Nasal inferior concha, Maxilla & Palatine. Those are unpaired are vomer & Mandile
(Kal yad kiya tha abhi tk dimagh main yehi chal rhay hain)

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Leave a message for someone without mentioning their name.

Two days back I just replied a tweet on Aamir Liaquat's first wife's profile. She didn't say anything & just simply blocked me whether i had a picture of her in my mind like shes the most humble soul as she was following me but after just few minutes a fake account commenced mentioning me & Aamir uncle's second wife with the vulgar tweets, whatever came to her mind she wrote there. When with 100% surety i tweeted that you are BUSHRA AAMIR, the very next moment she blocked me. Even another fake account is still sending me weird tweets but I ain't giving damn to them. Its Tuba's patience that shes tolerating all this. Kudos to that soul & this thing really mounted her respect in my eyes. They had nikkah not had the adultery but what Bushra is doing is the end of everything.

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