Ask @iambilawal007:

Do you think these people who get viral overnight by just making some lame,weird and Useless stuff, deserve that much fame and attention?

Muhammad Ahsan Farooq
Look at the general public of your nation. They manage to get famous by making such things because the MAJORITY likes such "useless things". And I don't really know whether they deserve the fame and attention or not. Not my area..

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What are some of your character flaws?

1. I get bored quite easily.
2. I am arrogant.
3. I am a good liar, I lie for fun cause sometimes I've got nothing better to do.
4. Truth and lies don't exist for me, only hard facts. I see the world as it is and I treat it as such, I don't delude myself into thinking something it is not.
5. I want to be the kind and compassionate person I used to be before the world changed me, but every time I try to do so, I become much more worse and the truth is.. I enjoy it.

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Have you ever let go of a toxic friend?

Lol, gave them many chances by acting dumb and giving them the benefit of doubt. I was young and naive, I thought it was my duty to take care of them. But I just started ignoring all of them one day and now my life is much more better and is totally at peace.

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What would you consider husband/wife material? What's your definition of it?

When I was a teenager, I wanted a girl with a heart bigger than the sun, a soul brighter than the brightest quasar, who is intelligent enough to know what's important and what's not. Someone who knows the meaning of life, someone who is kind, and compassionate. Someone with whom I can actually connect with.
I worked hard on myself from the beginning, so I can actually deserve such a being.
Lol, but I am grown up and I realise certain things are just not possible. Plus, I am absolute now, I have me and my sublime form, which is more than enough. Now, I just want a tall, gorgeous girl with a big ass, I am fine with just that. I play my part, she plays hers. Win win.

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Should we always show kindness, even if we are in the right and being accused for something we didn't do?

If you are actually right, then you must consider it your duty to protect it. Kindness? Haha.. punch em in the gut. I don't leave an opportunity like this.😂 As long as your actions are justified in the eyes of Allah (SWT), don't hold back.

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