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MinhalBaloch’s Profile Photoمحمد منہال بلوچ
She wants to be loved,
She wants to be feel needed, but most of all
She wants that feeling
You gave her that first time...
When you realised that she was more than you had ever dreamt of..
That first time alone with you..
The first time,
When in that moment you made her forget everything....
She wants to be desired by you everyday.💛
She wants to be loved
She wants to be feel needed but most of

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fariha_ashraf’s Profile Photoفریحہ❤
My Mother once told me:
when you hold a man's hand and he
makes your heart beat faster and he
makes you feel giddy and
excited walk away from this man.
He is not the man for you.
If you hold a man's hand he makes you feel warm,
safe and secure hold onto him.
This is the man you are going to marry..


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