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What is your favorite drink on cold evenings?

Hot apple cider probably.

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Did you work at pony canyon from the very beginning?

Beginning of what exactly?

Well, to hopefully answer your question, I started helping out part-time in early February 2015 or so, then moved to full-time in August. I moved back to America this August, and I'll be helping out part-time again soon.

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What does that mean the third volume was canceled? is it gonna be released later, or is volume 2 the last?

The release was canceled. That's all we know. Might have just been in an effort to focus on the upcoming VN instead.

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Are you still living in Japan? Or did you leave it?

I left at the end of August. Spent the full three years of my visa there. Now I'm back home for the time being, taking time to readjust to life here and get set up.

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Are you looking forward to Occultic;Nine?

Absolutely. I have the novels, but now that the third volume was canceled, it's exciting all new territory for the anime.

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What is your favorite drink?

Obviously Dr Pepper.

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What's your studio?

Ah, I don't work at an animation studio. I work at Pony Canyon, a producer, publisher, and distributor for things like anime, movies, music, light novels, manga, etc. Though the vast majority of my work is related to anime, translation, licensing, promotion, and so on, as the rest are different departments.

I also do some work for Exit Tunes, the music publisher, but that's mostly minor stuff.

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Loved the podcast with Steiner man, that was some good chemistry you guys had, make sure to bring him back ASAP.

He'll be back again at some point for sure. I want all my guest co-hosts to be recurring too. Thanks for listening!

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I'm not sure about that. Are you working for the anime industry?

Not sure about what? And yes, I do.

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What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?

The obvious.

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What do you think makes a good anime/manga/VN?

Well, I think those three things all have different criteria for what constitutes a "good ___". But since you lumped them, I'll be a bit more general then.

Story, characters, and art. Now before you say that's a cop out and I just listed everything, well, you're right. But I'll elaborate on each a bit.

You typically either have character driven or plot driven stories. To accomplish either, the main driving force needs to be compelling. That's not to say a story can't have a mix of both, but neither can be weak. If the story is interesting but the characters are weak, there's less incentive for viewers to care about the story. If the characters are interesting, but the story is weak, it's hard to justify continuing to care. What this boils down to for me personally, is that you can't have one without the other regardless of the focus/driving force.

You can't ignore the visuals in an inherently visual medium, so I believe the art is also key. I think you need art that reflects or enhances the story and characters well. I'll give an example with one of my favorite manga series, Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto. The art so perfectly conveys the emotion and captures the mood that the world/art becomes a character of its own at times. I'm not saying the art has to always be of the highest "quality" or that it adheres to any particular style as long as it suits the work. I have enjoyed many different works with extremely different art styles and "quality". Art is likely the most subjective part of the experience for people when talking about anime/manga/VNs.

tl;dr It's all subjective so just enjoy what you like and tell everyone else they have shit taste like the rest of us do.

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How much more of the SciADV series do you want to see? I personally am hoping for maybe 2 more new titles and continuation of the S;G true world line, Committee of Antimatter style or similar for a nice story conclusion that ties up all the previous titles into one or something like that.

Well, I think as long as the series remains as interesting as it has been, I don't mind it continuing a bit longer. And given the popularity of Steins;Gate (which hopefully makes its way to the other sciADV titles), I don't see them letting it die just yet.

Two more main installments and a few side stories doesn't sound so bad, though.

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Ignore that last question

Do you stream?

I've been streaming Steins;Gate recently, but other than that, not really. Will probably stream Chaos;Head after that.

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How hard was it for you to learn Japanese?

Well, I picked up the core of the language fairly easily, but that was largely due to studying it in college for 3 years. Having lived in Japan for over 2 years now, I'd say my Japanese is passable, but I'm nowhere near proficient enough with some more abstract or science topics yet.

At this point, it boils down to mostly vocabulary. Once you get past the grammar and syntax, you just need to constantly learn new vocabulary. I also never particularly tried to associate any of what I learned in Japanese with English. As in, I never tried to "translate" things in my head or understand them in terms of English. That'll just slow you down in the long run, so avoid doing it.

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What do you think would happen if Kurisu went full tsundere in a busy shopping mall?

I would die of a HNNGG attack.

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Thank you ^^

Ask all you want~

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I've read the visual novel and already watched the anime too.. you know when Okabe was sick and all that, but I just wanted a deep explanation coming from you

Well, I'm not sure I can provide more context to it. I don't see it as a psychotic break at all, given the circumstances. He adopted the facade for Mayuri in the first place, and uses it as a way to make up for his own insecurities and social issues.

You see him drop the facade when he gets stuck in the attractor field loops with Mayuri's death, or the Suzuha route for example (both of which I would say caused him severe mental anguish and distorted his personality such that he sort of breaks from the chuuni thing). He is entirely capable of dropping the act, but in contrast, he deliberately plays it up when he tries to hide his real feelings and due to his own social awkwardness.

That said, he's definitely paranoid (even if it turned out to be true) and eccentric. There's no real denying that. Hopefully that's a bit closer to what you were looking for.

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Is Hououin Kyouma just an act performed by Okabe or is it actually part of his personality. I think Okabe is a paranoid schizophrenic who has a psychotic break.

They explain where his Kyouma personality comes from, but without spoiling too much if you haven't seen the anime or read the VN, it's an act he put on to protect Mayuri when they were younger.

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Do you think you could survive as a cave person?

Definitely not. Unless there's internet there still. Then sure.

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What's the last thing you bought and love?

Log Horizon LN volume 3.

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