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Latest answers from iamjohn612

Why all the questions about me now? The sad part is the WHOLE time we were in Orlando, we were together lol, we ain't got nothing to worry about I love you babe!

I ain't got no worries never have n never will yu kno this

Wait u have a gf? Or is she jst the temporary hoe?

I have a gf pls tell me who she is cause I would sure like to meet her. N she ain't the side hoe cause I ain't hiding her from no one lol meaning of a side hoe is hiding hiding her from the main chick. Learn the game n The term use in the game

I already tld u she fucked some nigga in the same bed y'all was sleepin in whole u waz in Orlando

You make no sense right now but I aint wrry about nothing haaaaaaaan

She waz clearly wit another nigga while u were out partying. Boy u dont knw the game yet do u!?

Lol I don't kno the game I been in this game longer than yu have I kno that for sure.

U are dating a shone. Wasnt she jst in Orlando wit some nigga? Bofl u dumb

Yea she was in Orlando with me n y u so wrry about us ?

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