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Latest answers from iamjohn612

Wait u have a gf? Or is she jst the temporary hoe?

I have a gf pls tell me who she is cause I would sure like to meet her. N she ain't the side hoe cause I ain't hiding her from no one lol meaning of a side hoe is hiding hiding her from the main chick. Learn the game n The term use in the game

I already tld u she fucked some nigga in the same bed y'all was sleepin in whole u waz in Orlando

You make no sense right now but I aint wrry about nothing haaaaaaaan

She waz clearly wit another nigga while u were out partying. Boy u dont knw the game yet do u!?

Lol I don't kno the game I been in this game longer than yu have I kno that for sure.

U are dating a shone. Wasnt she jst in Orlando wit some nigga? Bofl u dumb

Yea she was in Orlando with me n y u so wrry about us ?

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