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Damn whoever said that is angry … get a life and leave ppl TF alone atleast say it off anonomous lmao dnt trip about it Beverly tyrones got you ha

Doont start drama tyrone . But thanks (:

Lmaao no its Tyrone who was your last Congo on the phone

Withh youu tyronee ! Babyy ! Didd chuu forget me alreaady ? /: plaayin, with veronica .

What if I told u I'm watching you from a distance

Hahahhaaa . Bee careefuuulll ~ itss laate. Might get raped.

Who's your best friend?

Veronica . Hands down. She's my everything , takeee a bullet for her anydayy. My main niglet yo.

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Bradley Coopeerrr . Or Trey Songz . Or bothh ,-,


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