It's kind of funny you gave Fate/Zero a 1. Any specific reason?

Naw, it was on a whim.
Just kidding. My biggest problem with F/Z is the ending—I hated hated hated it. It was dreadful, hopeless, and existentially empty. Everything else that the show had done well to that point was totally obliterated from my memory in those moments. And you have to understand, it's not like I made a deliberate decision, "Oh, I'm going to hate this ending hurr durr." It was an instinctive gut reaction. Between the Grail war being bloody waste of human life and the Grail effectively telling Kiritsugu that neither he nor humanity can change for the better, I was pretty angry by the time naked Archer appeared on screen
I honestly don't have a clear memory of the show or the ending, because it's all so blurred by the reaction the ending caused in me. I don't ever intend to go back and change my rating or rewatch the show. I've heard the logical arguments about Urobuchi philosophy and utilitarianism, but sometimes emotions present too big of a barrier to overcome using logic.
I don't begrudge other people for liking F/Z, but I would never ever recommend it to anyone.