iblessall's customized VN (Part 3)

"Upon hearing the footsteps, you become painfully aware of your appearance. Tired eyes, greasy hair, dirty clothes. Sigh... This simply won't do! You quickly lick your palms and run your hands through your hair, slicking it back. You dust off your sleeves and slap the sleep out of your face. But...there's no mirror. You can't gauge you appearance. The footsteps are close. You frantically dart around the room looking for something, /anything/ reflective. Your phone! It's on the other side of the room. You dive towards it, snatching it just as you hit the floor but the door is already opening."
Note from the author: "We're going to need to get some character designs in, so you'll have to wait a while for the next part XD"
Commentary from me: Man, there's a lot of description in this thing. Is this what it's like reading a Type-Moon VN? :P
And man...there's gonna be something totally inappropriate pulled up on my phone, isn't there...?