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👁️ Are failed relationships supposed to teach us something?

There are some things which really give good lessons.

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how do you say goodbye to the person you can't live without?

I never said, but if I would, I would say: goodbye my friend, goodbye, I love you, I'll miss you. May you always be prosperous, happy and healthy no matter wherever you live. I'll ask to kiss her hand, grab her tight, kiss her forehead and let her go by again saying goodbye.

So like stop coming at me with your wierd replies dude Its not like that I have asked something strange the USA server is way better this nasty Pakistan server at least it doesn't have stupid ass wierd people there

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What brings peace to your heart?

When everything is great in my surroundings: humans, animals are happy, prosperous and healthy and nature is just clean and beautiful. But what about you?


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