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❤Кирюша Кирюша,шо ты со мной делаешь😺❤ Пошлый до жути❤Все-таки познакомишься с папой как-нибудь😺❤Блин,я таких мальчиков еще не встречала😺❤Веселый❤Милый❤Если честно,думала,что общаться опять не будем😺❤Стебал меня в вк,пиздец😺❤Хороший❤Лублу❤

Ыы, спасибо❤😇

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Скучаешь ли ты по кому нибудь? Хотел(а) бы вернуть тех, кто ушел?

Really good question, which is to think a little. I now turn to those who read it. I know what you had or is the man in whom you put all your soul, love, care. For which you're ready to run into the fire, into the water, to break with bare hands the mountains and to break feet on the ground, if only your man was good. You're at the ready 24 hours a day, call you at night and you run, run. But one day, this man takes and tears the web with staunch indifference. Your web that you wove so long and hard, gently and carefully, just takes and breaks. Gaining more saliva in your mouth and spit at you, this poisonous and bitter saliva, takes and spits in your soul. Takes and pushes from a skyscraper down into the abyss, there, who you can't get caught. And you fall and you don't understand. And you fall and your eyes are empty and the heart cold fire.
Yes, was at me such situation was, I admit, I'm not gonna lie. Suffered? Suffered even as he suffered and not month and not two, not three. And there was nobody, absolutely nobody, who would pull me up from that asphalt. I thought that crashed soft-boiled on this gray asphalt. But the pain cannot be eternal, right? I've been waiting for help for a very long time, until I realized the truth. No more expensive and devoted person to you than you yourself. When the pain subsided I took all the will in a fist and stood up, got out of the asphalt at his feet and breathed deep chest. He looked around and realized that all this time the "Golden friendship" I was alone. Is always the same. I remembered all those moments that were not noticed previously. I had a friend, without friends. Now I don't trust anyone and don't need anybody, now want me. So what now my friend? You need only when strong and hopeful, when your eyes are burning fire and desire to live, but complete indifference and apathy to people. When your heart is not gonna break love or warm feelings. Love you only when you're beautiful and a frozen iceberg. But not when you're wet. So, be strong. It is not necessary to bring people back from the past. They stayed there and turned into graves. Don't chase, live here and now. And those people that "killed you"- nothing. They were a lesson or a mistake. Don't be angry at them, forget and let go. As they say - Just let it go. I wish you all the happiness and more power, it will be useful to you in this life.

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