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How many Types of Sea Protection Walls?

Vertical seawalls are an excellent choice.
Curved seawalls provide excellent protection.
Blocks and rocks are used to construct mound seawalls.
How many Types of Sea Protection Walls

Do you know any info about Taba?

The Colored Canyon, the Colored Groove or the Canyon is one of the natural wonders of Taba. It is a labyrinth of colored sandstone that reaches some 40 meters in some places. The valley; which runs deep in the mountains of the desert, is formed by rainwater and winter torrents that have been channeled into the mountains after hundreds of years of flow. The colored valley was named after the colors of the walls and the veins of mineral salts; which draw lines on the sand and lime stones and add colors of crimson, orange, silver; gold, purple, red and yellow.
Do you know any info about Taba

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