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Polish- Umiesz dobrze mówić po polsku ?

nie można po polsku w ogóle. .-.

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Ty umieć polski ?

do i know polish?
no, but i have an app. cx

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Kiedy wystąpicie w polsce ?


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on a scale from 1 - 10 { 10 being the most }, how much do you love your face? cx

lol uh, on here i'd say ten cause yanno, harry's hot, ok.
but in rl : uh 2. cx

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how many people have you fallen in love with? :o

honestly, like two people.

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How often do you clean your room?


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Have you ever thought about suicide?

many times.

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are u a girl in rl? :)

haha, no. i'm a guy.

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What time do you usually go to sleep?

like four in the morning. cx

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What is the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?

um, i saved a kid from choking once.

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If you could only eat one food, and nothing else, for three days in a row, what would it be?

mac n cheese.

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What's something you do well?


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About harrrrrrrrry:

um, hi. cx

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