Ask @iejessieho:

Hi jessie~! I have recently seen your blog! I am also from Canada and I'm also thinking about applying to Ehwa. What are the specific requirements (ex. grades) in order to get accepted to ehwa? and what are the good things and bad things about ehwa so far?

ohheythere! i'm glad you're considering ewha, it wasn't my first choice but i'm so glad i ended up there because it was an amazing experience! i believe ewha needs you to have at least a 70 average, but the requirements should be listed when you apply!
also good things about ewha > great location, ie. easy to get places via subway etc in seoul, their dorms are pretty nice, the campus is beautiful, shopping around the school is great bc it's a girls' uni!
bad things > idk if you would dislike it being a girls only school? but for exchange guys are also allowed to attend ewha.
i hope this didn't get to you too late, you can email me at, i'd love to hear more from you! (:

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