So you said for me to tell you a joke. I'm not good at jokes but here is one for ya. (I didn't actually do this) My friend said onions were the only food that could make someone cry. I threw a coconut at his face.

Cute. You don't need to premise it saying that you didn't. It was a joke, and you're not going to offend me/weird me out/make me think you're a bad person. Maybe you should try hitting friends more often to get over such fears!

Haha I will totally try it some time. After the day I've had, I feel the need to hit something

Oh, what’s wrong, and what happened? I’m not sure how far you are, but the one thing I haven’t tried with a female friend is to be hit in the balls. You? Strange, I know. I don’t think it’d likely take much to pack a punch either?

Just a rough start to my day. I woke up and my entire body was sore. My nose was clogged. I have a lot of homework to work on and I have to go to work soon. Plus it's super humid which I am not a fan of

Sounds viral. Keep drinking fluids. Hopefully you're feeling a bit better. I'm surprised that you didn't comment on my unconventional suggestion of seeing what it's actually like to be hit in the balls. I'm a little embarrassed for mentioning a strange curiosity of mine given no response.

I would never do that to someone unless it was absolutely necessary. I have a pretty powerful hit and can kick really hard and I could totally end someone if I were to do so.

Don't think of it that way. If you were attacked, I'd understand. I wouldn't want to try it unless done to explore (and not out of anger). I'd rather you be able to focus on where you hit so you could help me with my curiosity and learn what it's like. I'd rather start slowly/softly. If I could handle more, it sounds like you'd be able to help with room to grow?