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Loyal tu mila ni ab koe Royal e mil jaye

Jo doosraon main dhoond rhy hain, wo khud main paida kar lain..behtar ho jayega sb

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Nothing's worse and harder than moving on from a person you wanted to spend your whole life with. The person who you thought is made for you. 💔

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You have to love yourself and believe that your existence is much more than chasing after some person..yes it hurts, let it hurt...grieve and then move on like a champion..dont dwell on it too much
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kiaa Moti larkiyou ki shadi naahi Hoti?kiaa wo kbi rishta dekhny walo ko psnd nai ati? I lost my weight now am 70kg phir b people criticize and reject on me v easily they don't know how much I worked hard to lose..

chubby girls are cute...people are fucked up...as long as you have a healthy weight, no need to put up with their crap


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