Ask @ikkeuto:

Okay, date the day, tell me animes you've been watching.

zankyou no terror, atlok book 3; change, haikyuu, re: hamatora, kuroshitsuji boc, hastag bench anime (sao 2 just to see how horrible it is), gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, dmmd (but the animation is really bleh, gonna drop it soon prob), barakamon, love stage!, and how can i forget free! eternal summer. these are those that i watch no lie. curious why tokyo ghoul is not in it? truth is, i can't stand blood.

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What do you think about baekris honestly?

honestly tho? i think baek really really really loves kris. whenever he's around, baek will always act like a school girl in love, and trying his hardest to get kris attention. he tries very very very hard. but i guess it's different from the way he loves chanyeh, with chanyeh it's like unconditional love, baek just- too diva-ish to admit. because yknow, chanyeh is idiota. kris...kris is very senpai-ish? so yeah.
kris tho, idk i think kris have this fetish of young cute and innocent boys lmao. so yeah, kris was also attracted to baekhyun, don't take a genius to see it. sometimes i see his urge to just hugs baek or pinch his cheeks or even jump on him *lmao* but, i see something deeper when he's with tao, although kris doesn't look like he want to jump on tao all the time. because he love him, so that he will cherish tao.
if i could write baekyeol story; it will be comedy-romance fic.
if i could write taoris story; it will be pure sweet fluff fic.
if i could write baekris story; it will be smut pwp fic.
do you get it?

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