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Random thoughts?

Your Qari Sahab
You just have to find the right person. Someone who loves you, your scars and all. You need someone that understands all the pain you've been though, all the things , your past .. everything you have been through, find the kind of love that believes in you and supports you, that stands by your side. Who quickly becomes your favourite thing, who shows you just *how deeply you can feel just how deeply you can love*
Find someone who loves you unconditionally, who understands you, your fear, your weaknesses. Find someone who feels the way you yourself feel about him, loves you the way you do.
Find someone jo lartay lartay bhi ruk jaye, joh gussa kartay kartay mood change karlay. Jo asa kuch na karay jisay takleef hou. Jo smjhay, jisko pta ho kay what do you mean, what do you wanna say,what do you want. Who makes your life beautiful. Jo har dard main sath hou.
Aur bass Dard ki dawa hou.❤🔱

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