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Do you recommend Dangan Ronpa?

This is a loaded question uhhhhhhhhh it all honestly depends on what you're looking for:
- Do you enjoy good game design? Then no, the games are not for you, because the game elements are pretty much awful. However, if you answer yes to most of the rest of the questions below you can grit your teeth and bear the pain and still have a good (despair?) time.
- Do you enjoy interesting mysteries? If yes, then hell yeah! Danganronpa is pretty great with its twists and MOs, so if you enjoy a fun murder mystery novel that's in the form of very exaggerated anime, you will DIG DR. (It is worth noting that you should obviously not go in knowing spoilers, and enjoy the games for what they are and what they offer to get the most out of it)
- Do you like trashy, concentrated anime? If yes why are you like. even here. go play danganronpa. theres a gambler that wants to sit on you and crush ur jugular with her heel. theres also a cute gamer girl that deserves all the best in the world
- do despair
do you
what the fuck are you waiting for then
indulge yoursel,f and just grab tissues cause youreeEee gonna ne eed a lOT

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Off the top of your head, what are your top 5 anime episodes of 2016?

mmmmmmmmmm in no order I guess? (I don't really like making lists when it comes to anime, haha, but here are some of my favorites that I can think of)
1.) One of those first four episodes of BnHA, most likely the second one, but take your pick
2.) The seventh episode of Kiznaiver, which honestly just takes the cake in general
3.) Joker Game's tenth episode was incredibly solid (so was its first two! As you can see...I'm pretty bad at choosing...^^;)
4.) the Yukako focused episode in Jojo (Episode 20? i think?) was really nice.
5.) Luluco meets Inferno Cop (no joke, Luluco is still one of the strongest shows of the year for me)
runner up: there is a Moment in Re:ZERO that specifically gets to me (i do not rly care much about the show overall but that scene!!!!) in episode 18 and it is the Worst and fucks me up entirely

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Do you recommend the Surface Pro?

It depends on what you're looking for! If you need a laptop that works as a drawing tablet, then yes, I'd highly recommend it. I use the Surface Pro as my work computer while also sketching on it, so for me it works very well as both! If you're looking for strictly a portable computer, or strictly a tablet, or strictly a drawing tablet - I'd buy a smaller computer/iPad/Cintiq because those are much cheaper.

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When you write articles, do you look at other articles about the same subject to inform your writing, or do you avoid that in case it might influence your writing?

Not really! I'm kind of paranoid about maintaining my own stance on things without being influenced by others' opinions (petty, I know, but I genuinely love to go into something without having assumptions or preemptive biases, as it allows me to really....connect more to pieces of work.) There are times however, for informational or educational purposes, where I will research and/or use other people's articles for confirming facts (names, dates, events, etc).

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Your Nausicaa doodle looks great. What tools are you using? Ever thought about creating an on line gallery?

Thank you so much! I just used Photoshop Creative Suite and my Surface Pro 4.
I don't really have time to commit to art unfortunately - my life is a busy schedule of science and whatnot, so making a gallery would be kind of pointless ^^; I still play around with my tablet though and love to sketch as a way to destress however, so maybe from time to time if I'm not too embarrassed I'll post those on twitter or something.

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Why is anitwitter so into lesbian relationships but mostly ignore BL?

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this sure is a loaded question but honestly i see....both a lot on my dash???? it may just be the ppl i follow (i also follow many artists) so i dont rly get this but. anitwitter at least to me seems to be just as involved with cute boys in love as much as girls, tho we all really just love hot 2d chicks that wanna rip us into shreds so maybe thats just the focus idk

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What does Ikuhara's themes (as you discussed) mean to you?

Mmmmmmm I think they're about empathy, which is always a two sided connection. In order to access a door of someone's heart, you have to open a door to yourself, you know? Loving other people is a way to love yourself. (Which is not the same thing as vice versa, because I think Ikuhara stresses that we don't really know ourselves until we find someone important enough that we'd be willing to die for them)
I think it's about love. It's about accepting someone in your life and being able to cherish them. That can be familial, romantic, platonic, but Ikuhara is always stressing the importance of love in his stories - they're fundamentally based around that, and to me that's the most powerful thing I take away from them. Love is the only way to know happiness. It's a gateway to pain and cruelty too, but that's why we have to nurture it wisely and with awareness, so it doesn't grow thorns.

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Choose one anime to watch with each of the straw hat priates. Why that anime with that straw hat pirate?

Luffy - Naruto, because Luffy would probably love the fuck out of that kid
Nami - Utena, because why be greedy for just money when ur greedy for gay girls and this show has a ton of that
Zoro - Samurai Champloo, because a.) swords b.) cool and c.) Zoro would be tsun about loving the hell outta that OP
Usopp - The Eventual Anime that is Undertale so I can watch him cry
Sanji - NGNL, except the part where I smack him every time he lusts after 2D girls
Chopper - DOES BROTHER BEAR COUNT and if not WHY
Robin - Girls night marathon watching Utena with Nami
Franky - Gundam. I don't evne know which Gundam he would like, most likely Build Fighters
Brook - The Nightmare Before Christmas, Yes This Counts,

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tell me about being gay

its a great experience wanting to thirst after all the girls but then sad bc most of them are heteros and u just cant tell whose gay. u start questioning science. are they all gay? why weren't humans made gay. cmon, mother nature, step up ur game. why did goD make me gay, if I'm gay, I haveto be satan, is this why no one wants to be gay and date me. and tehn u lust for anime 2d girls instead

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