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what is pure joy to you?

“I am going to be very very, very, happy, and then do everything I have time to do after that.” - Abraham-Hicks (very influential)—
I have made most important decisions in my life with this in mind. One of my major purposes in life is being happy- because when I’m happy, I can give so much more, be so much more, live so much more. When I’m not, I can’t do anything except be an energy vampire in many ways.
Even now, for the last 3 quarters of school I’ve been prioritizing my well-being, and happiness over any assignment. Sure, sometimes it may not all go as planned, and I may get frustrated at all the deadlines with a whole lot of life mixed into it, but I try, and I still keep my priority in line. So far, I can say that I’ve become a much easy-going person compared to last year. Last year, in an example of school, I was chaotic. Cried 24/7. My worth = my grades. My lack of knowledge/understanding = no need to exist on this planet. It was bad. Now when I screw up? It’s fine. I’ll do it again. And again and again if I have to. But I don’t stumble and fall and collapse at every little inconvenience. So now, I take time to listen to that album before I start my project, eat my food without typing away assignments at my computer, and hang out with friends. AND, I am not worried. Even as I’m going into the medical field, where things aren’t crazy certain right now, I’m not worried. I ALWAYS told myself, whatever I do, I’ll be very happy about it, because I’ll choose something and end up doing whatever sits right in my heart. 🌼So, I’ll be very very happy, and then I’ll do everything I have time to do after that ;)☀️

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I'm afraid I don't understand. The fact that you won't share it is what makes it happy?

No, the fact that the whole world isn’t involved is what makes it great. It’s just me and my happy moments.
And occasionally my private Instagram ;)
I don’t know, I’m just realizing how much there is still to learn and do and it makes me feel like I just need to.... be silent.
You feel?

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Was 2018 better than 2019 seems to be turning out?

2019 now is amazing.
It’s wonderful- it’s a blessing.
2018 was messy and interesting and colorful and dull all at once. It was filled with heartbreak and tears, being lost, filling my heart with things that were untruthful to my being (but ended up being a necessary part of my growth).
But toward the very end, it was also filled with a new adventure, strengthening of bonds, and a warm, welcoming, and passionate love.
It all transferred into the new year.
Sure there are hiccups here and there but they all teach me something.
When I was on this very site at 16, I wished with everything in me to live the life I’m currently living.
I’m 21 now, and I’m doing everything I ever wanted to.
It’s a good feeling- and it took a lot of dedication, hard work, small and big steps to get here.

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This site. It's deteriorated so much. When you're around, at least there will be someone with something interesting and insightful to say.

I haven’t said anything interesting or insightful in years now. I don’t have much to say. Everything is just as it is :3
Also, I don’t have anyone on here that I’m friends with anymore so there’s that.

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