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Is trying lipstick being a boy a crime ?

Meri nani kehti thi ke mard makeup nhi bhi kerta lekin phir bhi usmein itni kashish hoti hai ke wo makeup wali aurton ko bhi apni taraf mayal kerleta hai baghair makeup kiye, isliye mard ko mardon ki tarhan hi sajna sawarna chahiye. No, men can use lip balm if there is a medical reason such as dry lips or bleeding lips, but applying colored lipstick like women does not make men look good, men should not act like women. Although men can use skin care products or lip scrubs to keep the skin & lips healthy, but make-up is for women and a woman can carry it better. Both men and women should behave & act according to their gender.

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Any dominance loving woman plz? Come forward.. i have a male friend of mine desperately in need of one. Bnda duain dy ga. Let me know anybody interested 😌 #Its Serious

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I am also looking for a decent boy for my sister, she is pretty, she is very pious, prays 5 times, speaks less, reads Quran etc, but she is not into love thingy like she's a novice. She does not interact with men. She wants to get married but not desperate for marriage, she just needs a good loyal and loving man in her life. Bas larka shareef ho characterless playboy type na ho saath nibhanay wala ho.

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I am a loser girl, I have no good clothes no good food no good face or IQ, no future, I scored 70% in olevels after that my parents just indirectly telling me to not go any further and waste their money and energy, they show hate, im disheartened, I deserve to rid me of myself!

Don't be sad your perfect the way you're, learn to love and accept yourself and people around you will reflect you positively or you'll stop getting triggered by what they say just keep your mental diet good, compliment your self, tell yourself that you're the best be kind and gentle to yourself and your parents will become kind towards you. 70% is a good percentage if you want to pursue Mbbs, I would recommend going for fsc, if your parents don't want to spend money on Alevels.

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