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By that I meant you’ve account on most if not all social media apps.

I can manage time for them

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I’ll talk with a logic. You’ve more accounts than the number of years you spent in med college, I believe so. And your profession doesn’t really allow you to be that active on social media. ))

O bhai ya behen , tum jo b ho, i've only one account on every app i use , i dont have much time to use multiple accounts

Yes, you did. Pacifiers are still unhygienic, irrespective of where they’re being used. Wise suggestion di hai regarding your social accounts.

Whats the point behind shifting my public account to private ? Jealous ?

One more suggestion, since you’ve started taking my suggestions very seriously, delete your ask account and set privacy to your Facebook too. ))

Konsi suggestion seriously leli ? Kuch bhi ? 🙄

Also, any comments on current situation in the country? I can ask questions not related to MTH, No?

Our Murshad arrested, he'll be out soon and become the PM iA

I’d ask you to watch your mouth in whatever sense that was said but being a doctor you should know pacifiers are unhygienic and hence unsafe for the children. ))

Pacifiers aren't unhygienic in danmark

Advice- children should not be sucking pacifiers. You can argue but that’s true. Again you didn’t ask but I advised Ik

Are you available instead of pacifiers ? Bacho ko ye provide krdte hn phr

Any weird patient encounter in MTH so far? ))

Many patients have vague, weird and stupid complaints and sadly they are found mostly in female opd. Bohat hain , which pt you want to know abt ?

Isn’t it necessary to pass to take the FCPS part II exam?

Imm is compulsory to appear in part 2

Another random question. Why didn’t you choose your own institute for the training?

I wanted to get rit of my hospt asap , moreover not much patients

When are you leaving MTH then or shall I put like this, how much more time do you have to tolerate the people here?

Not certain about the leaving date

How’s the training tho? I mean ophthalmology department is comparatively better than other departments in terms of patient influx and faculty.

Much better than the rest of the deptts and training is quality

Maybe if you’d focus more on learning and less on trouble causing factors, you will survive here )

Ksi ne naseehaten maangi han ?


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