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It's 00:00 in my country so i'll write it now.I’m not very good at expressing my emotions but i’ll try. Today is my favorite person birthday (yeah a real star is born) so okay maybe i'm getting sentimental but @fucckingsad i really value your friendship. I never thought i would gain a friend like you here. Man since you came into my life i can honestly say you’ve made it better and brighter. I don’t know what i’d do without you. Carterr you are such a strong and incredible soul and today and everyday you deserve nothing but the best. When i think about you my whole world brightens. Sometimes you just find a new friend, and just know this person should stay in your life forever and it’s absolutely about you my knuckles. I can look out the window on a dreary day, and all i'll see is sunshine. No one else can do that for me. Change my entire perspective on how i view the world. You also make me so incredibly happy. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel like i am alive. I can’t imagine life without you and your hilarious and cute texts and late-night conversations. You're a being so full of life that you outshine the stars. You're so important, how could you be anything less than wonderful? You're so smart. Only with you i can chat about everything i mean you really the first person in my life who’s know about Scott Pilgrim and alchemy stuff. I absolutely love how honest you’re. You really this person who’s people should trust because you never shame them for anything. You absolutely kind and your stories about your life are amazing. You really this person who i wanted to be all my life. You inspire me a lot. With you i really wanted to change something in my life. You really this person who’s i really want to ask «how are you?» every day because your life is important to me. You really this person who understands and accepts me for who i am. You’re not just my friend you’re absolutely incredible son and brother for your family. I always love to read how good you treat them because it’s show how wonderful your soul (yeah you maybe gonna say this stuff about dark soul but it’s absolutely not true). I'm so glad you're mentally healthy it's absolutely so important. Chat with you always teach me something new because maybe it’s sounds so loud but only you show me how it’s like when people treat you good because i forgot what drama means with you. I hope all your dreams come true and i know how hard you work for it. I absolutely wanna support you and all your ideas forever. I'm so happy that i got such a lucky chance to talk with you because it's real like winning the lottery. You deserve only happiness and love in your life. And yeah Hannah Montana said nobody’s perfect but she’s just never meeting you. You really make the world a better place. I hope today you had an amazing and happy day and felt extra loved.
P.S . You're my only compass i might get lost without you

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