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I just added a random guy on snap chat and boom he develop courage to treat me as sl*t and asking most personal questions like he hired me and sending his images . Instead of talk it became a sin and in end I had to block him with guilt of adding a random without knowing

Mmmmmm. Pretty bad haan.

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what to do agar ek insan jisna apko dekha bhi nahi aur apka pecha par gaya ha apki life ma dakhal andazi kar raha

Just ignore him. Dun listen to him and Do you what you have to.
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I just want a 6 ft tall, colored eyes, dimples, jawline, wavy hair, nice, Islamic guy to marry me

Wishes be like.

Usually, men have thick eyebrows and beautiful eyelashes than women .thats why they dont need makeup to look good

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