depends on receiver's mood 😁

This receiver has quite terrible moods.

receiver making sender curious now

Sender should know that curiosity leads to new learnings.

no. like what?

Your curiosity wants you to find the answers to your questions. It’s the curiosity that’ll help you find it and thus making you know things which you didn’t know before.

🆗️ but what , when i will not get answers ? ☹

Don’t worry if you don’t really get to have the exact answer but the search for it will make you find other new things.

i only know your name so there are many things to chat about

My profile has got many answers for you to know about me but still you’ll end up finding nothing about me.

That is why i came directly to you. saying directly

The situation would still be the same. You couldn’t explore the inner complexities from the outer simplicities.